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Frank's Boxes

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Newer voices--2011 and 2012

 I have been getting "it hits trhe Earth" since I started EVP, mostly with the box, but since September 2011, "they" hav e gone on and on about worm wood, most of the voices say it hits, but some contradict that.
"122911-KossBox-AM--There's NoTime--It Doesn't Hit the Earth--It's The Scalple--"
 In the Colbrin Bible, as I heard on History today(020212) they say "The distroyer" doesn't hit, just comes close to really fuck shit up.

 From January 2012 "Purple--Next Month--Hit
's Canada" Of coutse it's not spacific, but an earthquake "hit" this month. Random sweep.

112212 Home made tuner(box 141) "Mermaids Will Talk To The People Through Their Boxes--EQ'd-NR-Slowed--mp3"
 EQ'd means equalised
 NR means noise reduction
 Suspect it's related to the Discovery Channel show I watched on finding a mermaid body last month.

121612 Box 129 "Got Just Six Weeks-Leave The Earth-Happy Holidays-repeats slower-mp3"
 This is getting comical, for months they say the 17th, then the 15th, implying December,now January--I guess, is implied.

121612 Box129 Kiera Ya Have To Leave-It's An Apple-repeats slowed-mp3" Supposedly an apple is a bit o' truth, but that is unclear.

121612 Box 129 "Leave Canada-Now(noe)(or go?)-repeats slower-mp3"

121612 Box 129 "Lets Leave At Night-this bitch Asleep-Rachel Gots The Stores-repeats slower-mp3"