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Frank's Boxes

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Video testing

Testing an GE clock readio I got at Goodwill 013112. I use pre-made tuners from other radios. With uni9ts like this, I can't remove the tuner, so I do the hack on them, making them self sweeping. Except, like this one, mode in the 80s or 90s, that doesn't work, but I can add an external sweep board, and hijack the VT line(tuning voltage).
 On this vid, @ 1 second "doesn't hit the earth" there seesm to be two conflicting spirit groups cncerning this "prediction" one pro, one con. Then ther is just whacked out voices, like at 11 seconds "scientists say---Earth--Is gay" the -- means gaps, usually filled with noise, between words. Followed by "purple raisin". @ 16 sec "wormwood is so near". @ 21 sec "weapons fizzle on the fifteenth", the rest is mostly odd words and broadcast fragments, not every word and sound has some profound meaning!

020112 GE cloick radio box conversion.
Starts out "It's workin'...."

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 The old GE clock radio/box. Had it on while testing a new board. The scope puts out hellacious  RF noise, you can here is all over the AM band. Sometimes "they" can use this extra noise to reinforce spirit voices. Like at 36 seconds " I like (nuclear?)weapons". Vid starts out "fuckin'--(somthing)--everything". @ 25 seconds=my voice. At the end something like "Rockies this season", that would be a broadcast frag, Colorado Rockies.

 In this vid I moved the camera away from the box, and that seems to kind of enhance the voices.

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 This is from 2009, on the  end it says ".......Earth is doomed"

 The movie White Noise was on this afternoon021012), and I was wondering--why/how they  use white noise for video images? So had this old micro TV, won't pick up much besides white, since it won't work with the  new digital TV broadcast format, but I can sweep it, and maybe "they" can make imoages in white noise.

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"They're Programming the signal--" and something about next monthy. It's alittle early in testing to say this is a box type voice over the TV.

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