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Frank's Boxes

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From a test video of a Sony headphone radio in February of 2009. At 3 seconds "this is meant to post..", at 5 sec "Chris is responsilbe for Edison", Chris Moon claims Edison invented the boxes. at 13 seconds a pre-echo "earth doomed",. and finally at 14 seconds "Earth is doomed".

One of the first voices trying to convince me I came form somewhere else, "you are the woman who comes form stars" Not from the ghost box, but using the foreign language method. There are several ways of supplying the raw audio, the bits of human speech "they" use to form voices, one is to tune in a foreign language on short wave that you don't understand and after announcing you are doing an EVP recording, record with a tape deck from the speaker, I prefer tape, This time I was using a German Station. I also use French, and Chinese.

"Frank is our Princes-This is good--Purple Princess(sung)"

"We come from the sixth planet"